The natural hardwood smoking we are known for enhances the flavor and texture of our premium smoked meats. Our long experience over generations, combined with our slow smoking process, develop the richest smoky flavors, enhances the natural juices, and assures a mouthwatering finish with every taste.

Minimum order quantities, and seasonal availability apply to all our products. Call for more information.

Smoked Brisket

GradeDescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Certified Angus BeefSmoked Beef Brisket Whole1/7-10 lbsSBB1CAB90025688186863
Certified Angus BeefSmoked Beef Brisket Sliced2/5 lbsSBB1CABSL90025688186870
Certified Angus BeefSmoked Beef Split Brisket - Half6/1.5-2.5 lbsSBBS1CABF90025688189857
Certified Angus BeefNatural Smoked Beef Brisket - Antibiotic and Hormone Free1/5-9 lbsNSBB1CAB90025688189505
USDA ChoiceSmoked Beef Brisket Whole2/5-9 lbsSBB100CLL90025688189956
USDA ChoiceSmoked Beef Brisket Sliced2/5 lbsSBB100CSLLL90025688189536
USDA ChoiceSmoked Beef Split Brisket - Sliced4/2.5 lbsSBBS1CSLLL10025688189820
USDA ChoiceSmoked Beef Split Brisket2/3-6 lbsSBBMS100CLL90025688189239

Smoked Ribs

DescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs6/1.5 lbs aveSBBR800LL90025688190259
Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs - Bulk Pack18/1.5 lbs aveSBBR836LL90025688190266
Smoked "St Louis" Style Pork Ribs6/1.75 lbs aveSSLR800LL90025688190273
Smoked "St Louis" Style Pork Ribs - Bulk Pack18/1.75 lbs aveSSLR836LL90025688190280
Smoked Pork Rib Tips - Cut From Spare Ribs2/5 lbsSCRT800LL90025688190297

Smoked Meats - Chef's Favorites

DescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Smoked Pork Loin - Half2/4-6 lbsSPL800LL90025688190242
Sloppy Joe - Ground Beef in Sloppy Joe Sauce4/5 lbsSJ400LL10025688190307
Sloppy Joe - Ground Beef in Sloppy Joe Sauce - Retail12/1 lbsSJ4RTL1LL10025688190369
Hardwood Smoked Pork Shoulder2/6-8 lbsSPB800LL90025688190730
Naturally Hardwood Smoked Pulled Pork2/5 lbsSPP800LL10025688190154
Sliced Roast Beef with BBQ Sauce
4/5 lbsSBQ415LL90025688189871
Shredded Beef in BBQ Sauce2/5 lbsBBQ400LL10025688190598
Pulled Pork in BBQ Sauce2/5 lbsPBQ400LL10025688190581

Smoked Tri Tip

GradeDescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Certified Angus BeefFlame Seared Hardwood Smoked -
Tri Tip
4/2-3 lbsGTRI1CAB90025688186887
USDA SelectFire Braised Hardwood Smoked -
Tri Tip
4/2-3 lbsGTRI1SEMRLL90025688189628
Oven Roasted Tri Tip- With Southwestern Dry Rub - Medium -Packed in Juices3/4-6 lbTRI100SWMLL90025688190136