The natural hardwood smoking we are known for enhances the flavor and texture of our premium smoked meats. Our long experience over generations, combined with our slow smoking process, develop the richest smoky flavors, enhances the natural juices, and assures a mouthwatering finish with every taste.

Minimum order quantities, and seasonal availability apply to all our products. Call for more information.

Smoked Beef Brisket

GradeDescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
USDA ChoiceSmoked Beef Brisket Choice Ll2/5-9 LBSBB100CLL90025688189956
USDA ChoiceSliced Smoked Beef Brisket Choice2/5 LB SBB100CSLLL90025688189536
USDA ChoiceSmoked Beef Brisket Choice1/7-1 LBSBB1CLL90025688191966
USDA ChoiceSmoked Brisket Burnt Ends Choice2/5 LB SBBBE1CLL90025688191317
USDA ChoiceSmoked Brisket Chopped Choice Frozen2/5 LB SBBSH1CLL90025688191553
Smoked Chopped Burnt Ends Ll2/5 LBSBE1LL90025688191706

Smoked Ribs

DescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Baby Back Pork Ribs, Smkd, Bulk Ll2/6/2.4 LBSBBR836LL90025688190266
St Louis Style Ribs Bulk Pack2/6/2 LBSSLR836LL90025688190280

Smoked Meats

DescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Pulled Pork W/Bbq Sauce2/5 LBPBQ400LL10025688190581
Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends2/5 LBSPBBE8LL90025688191348
Sliced Smoked Pit Beef Angus Fluffed6/2 LBSPBF1ASLLL10025688193896
Smoked Pulled Pork2/5 LBSPP800LL90025688182742
Hardwood Smoked Pork Shoulder2/5-9 LBSPP800LL90025688191270
Smoked Pork Butt Burnt Ends 2/5 Ll2/5 LBSPSBE8LL90025688192437
Beef Bologna Deli Faced2/3-5 LBBOLD1LL90025688193816

Tri Tip

GradeDescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
USDA SelectGrilled Smoked Tri Tip Select4/2-3 LB RWGTRI1SEMRLL90025688189628
USDA SelectBeef Tri Tip Southwest Style3/4-6 LBTRI100SWMLL90025688183404
USDA SelectSliced Tri Tip Southwestern Style4/2.5 LB RWTRI1SWMSLLL90025688192116

Ready to Smoke

GradeDescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
USDA ChoiceRaw Ready To Smoke Beef Brisket Ch Fz1/12-16RTSBB120CLL90025688191461
USDA ChoiceRaw Ready To Smoke Beef Brisket USDA Choice1/15-19RTSBB1CLL90025688194004
Ready To Smoke Pork Shoulder1/10-12 LBRTSPS820LL90025688192338
Ready To Smoke Turkey Breast Frozen3/4-6 LBRTSTBSK9ZLL90025688192352


GradeDescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Angus ChoiceUncured Beef Franks 5-1 Angus Ll2/5 LBNHD1515ALL10025688192448
USDA ChoicePork & Beef Smoked Sausage W/Brisket6/24 OZPBESS815124L10025688755209
USDA ChoiceBurnt End Link Pork And Beef 2 Lb6/2 LBPBESS81512LL10025688192912