Our premium deli meats whether whole or pre-sliced, are all open roasted slowly and naturally hardwood smoked, to enhance the rich flavor of each slice. All items are crafted without gluten, MSG, with reduced sodium and are free of the 8 common food allergens. Our deli meats are trimmed to contain reduced fat. Great care is taken when crafting these premium meats to ensure the highest standards of quality, rich flavor, and consistency.

Minimum order quantities, and seasonal availability apply to all our products. Call for more information.

Deli Craft - Retail Ready

GradeDescription% AddedPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Roast Beef Top Round 29%29%2/6-10 LBCTR129MDC90025688193786
USDA ChoiceItalian Rst Beef Top Rd Ch 10%10%2/5-9 LBCTR510CMDC90025688193687
Angus Smoked Pit Beef2/5-8 LBSPBF1ADC10025688194022
Choice AngusCorned Beef Flat 10% Choice10%2/6-9 LBCBF310CDC90025688193694
USDA ChoiceHardwood Smoked Pastrami Flat 29%29%2/6-9 LBPFF229DC90025688193793
Black Forest Ham2/5.5-7.5 LBHBFD856DC90025688193724
Honey Ham Deli2/5.5-7.5 LBHHD855DC90025688193717
Smoked Pit Ham Mini Wa Ll2/6-8 LB AVEHPITM850DC90025688193700
Turkey Brst Skin On Cajun Style3/3-6 LBCTBSK900DC90025688193762
Turkey Breast Skin On Smoked With Spices3/3-6 LBSTBSK900DC90025688193755
Honey Mesq Turkey Deli Roast Ll2/5.5-7.5 LBHMSTBD940DC90025688193779
Homestyle Turkey Deli Roast2/5.5-7.5 LBHORTD940DC90025688193748
Oven Roasted Deli Turkey Breast2/5.5-7.5 LBTRKD940DC90025688193731
Uncured Beef Franks 5/1 24 Oz6/24 OZNHD15124ADC10025688194121
Pork & Beef Smoked Sausag W/Brisket 5:1 8Pk6/24 OZPBESS815124DC10025688193667
Beef Bolo Deli Faced2/7-9 LBBOLD1DC90025688193670