Our premium deli meats whether whole or pre-sliced, are all open roasted slowly and naturally hardwood smoked, to enhance the rich flavor of each slice. All items are crafted without gluten, MSG, with reduced sodium and are free of the 8 common food allergens. Our deli meats are trimmed to contain reduced fat. Great care is taken when crafting these premium meats to ensure the highest standards of quality, rich flavor, and consistency.

Minimum order quantities, and seasonal availability apply to all our products. Call for more information.

Deli Craft - Roast Beef

GradeDescription% AddedPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Certified Angus BeefTop Round - Medium Rare0%2/5-8 lbsCTR1CAB00025688180837
Certified Angus BeefBottom Round - Medium Rare0%2/5-8 lbsRBF1CAB00025688181124
USDA ChoiceTop Round - Medium Rare10%2/5-8 lbsCTR110HCMRLL90025688189222
USDA ChoiceTop Round - Rare10%2/5-8 lbsCTR110HCRLL90025688189864
USDA SelectSplit Top Round - Medium Rare10%2/6-9 lbsCST110HSEMRLL90025688189949
USDA SelectBottom Round - Medium15%2/6-9 lbsRBF115SEMLL90025688189932
Top Round "Old Fashioned" - Medium Rare10%2/5-7 lbsCTR110XMR2LL90025688188843
Top Round - Medium Well10%2/5-8 lbsCTR110HMWLL90025688185903
Top Round - Medium15%2/5-9 lbsCTR115MLL90025688188492
Top Round - Medium Well29%2/5-9 lbsCTR129MWLL90025688188539
Bottom Round - Medium Rare25%2/6-9 lbsRBF125MRLL90025688183114
Bottom Round - Medium29%2/6-9 lbsRBF129MLL90025688186795
Eye round - Medium Rare10%2/4-7 lbsERR110HMRLL90025688189710
Split Top Round - Packed in Juices - Medium Rare25%2/9-11 lbsCST125MRJLL00025688103386
Cap On, Split Top Round - Packed in Juices - Medium Well29%2/12-17 lbsSTR129MWJLL90025688189086

Deli Craft - Corned Beef

GradeDescription% AddedPack SizeLFI #GTIN
Certified Angus BeefBottom Round0%2/5-8 lbsCBF3CAB00025688180851
Certified Angus BeefBrisket0%2/8-12 lbsCBB3CAB90025688187938
USDA ChoiceBottom Round10%2/6-9 lbsCBF310CLL90025688189543
USDA SelectBrisket15%2/8-12 lbsCBB315SELL00025688100552
USDA SelectEye Round15%2/4-7 lbsCBE315SELL90025688187891
USDA SelectBottom Round15%2/5-8 lbsCBF315LL00025688100521
Top Round15%2/5-8 lbsCBT315SELL90025688189185
Bottom Round29%2/6-9 lbsCBF329LL90025688186818

Deli Craft - Pastrami

GradeDescription% AddedPack SizeLFI #GTIN
Certified Angus BeefBottom Round0%2/5-8 lbsPFF2CAB00025688180844
Certified Angus BeefBrisket0%2/8-12 lbsPBR2CAB90025688187945
USDA ChoiceBottom Round10%2/6-9 lbsPFF210CLL90025688189550
USDA SelectTop Round15%2/5-8 lbsPTR215SELL90025688189178
USDA SelectBottom Round15%2/5-8 lbsPFF215LL90025688187358
USDA SelectBrisket15%2/8-12 lbsPBR215SELL90025688186825
Bottom Round29%2/6-9 lbsPFF229LL90025688186764
Navel "Red Dry Rub"10%4/2-6 lbsPNV210RLL90025688189017
Navel Black - "New York Style"10%4/2-6 lbsPNV210BLL90025688190723
Navel "Traditional Rub"10%4/2-6 lbsPNV210LL90025688189673
Eye Round15%2/4-7 lbsPER215SELL90025688189697

Deli Craft - Ham

DescriptionPack SizeLFI #GTIN
Honey Cured Ham - Natural Juices2/7-9 lbsHHN840LLPENDING
Hardwood Smoked Ham - Natural Juices2/7-9 lbsSH840LLPENDING
Black Forest Ham - Natural Juices2/7-9 lbsHBF840LL90025688190419
Honey Cured Ham - Water Added2/7-9 lbsHHD855LL90025688190433
Smoked Ham - Water Added2/7-9 lbsSHOFD856LLPENDING
Black Forest - Water Added2/7-9 lbsHBDF856LLPENDING
Diced Ham4/2.5 lbsDSH850ZLL100256881190390

Deli Craft - Turkey Breast

DescriptionPack SizeLFI #GTIN
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast2/7-9 lbsTRE920LLPENDING
Smoked Turkey Breast2/7-9 lbsSTB920LLPENDING
Smoked Turkey Breast2/8-11 lbsSTB940LL90025688187808
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast2/10-11 lbsTRK940LL90025688182926

Deli Craft - Chicken Breast

DescriptionPack SizeLFI #GTIN
Oven Roasted Chicken2/6-8 lbsRCB900LL90025688186269
Buffalo Chicken2/6-8 lbsBCB900LL90025688186252