Our premium deli meats whether whole or pre-sliced, are all open roasted slowly and naturally hardwood smoked, to enhance the rich flavor of each slice. All items are crafted without gluten, MSG, with reduced sodium and are free of the 8 common food allergens. Our deli meats are trimmed to contain reduced fat. Great care is taken when crafting these premium meats to ensure the highest standards of quality, rich flavor, and consistency.

Minimum order quantities, and seasonal availability apply to all our products. Call for more information.

Deli Craft - Roast Beef

GradeDescription% AddedPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
USDA SelectRoast Beef Split Top Round 10% Medium Rare10%2/6-9 LBCST110SEMRLL90025688189949
USDA SelectSliced Roast Beef Split Top Round 10%10%4/2.5 LBCST110SESLLL10025688193117
Roast Beef Split Top Round 25% Wet Pack20%2/7-11 LBCST120MRJLL00025688103386
USDA ChoiceRoast Beef Top Round 10% Medium Rare10%2/5-9 LBCST120MRJLL90025688189222
USDA ChoiceOld Fash Roast Beef Top Round 10% Medium Rare10%2/5-9 LBCTR110XMRLL90025688188843
Roast Beef Top Round 15% Medium15%2/5-9 LBCTR115MLL90025688188492
USDA SelectSliced Roast Beef Top Round 15%15%4/2.5 LBCTR115MLL10025688188489
Roast Beef Top Round 29% Medium29%2/6-1 LBCTR129MLL90025688189079
Roast Beef Top Round 29% Medium Rare29%2/6-1 LBCTR129MRLL90025688189529
Choice AngusAngus Roast Beef Top Round2/5-9 LBCTR1ARLL90025688191751
USDA SelectRoast Beef Eye Round Homestyle 10%10%2/4-8 LBERR110SEMRLL90025688189710
French Dip Retail Box6/2 LBFDP1SLR2LL10025688189806
USDA ChoiceRoast Beef Flat 10% Medium Rare10%2/5-8 LBRBF110CMRLL90025688104522
USDA SelectSliced Roast Beef Flat 15%15%4/2.5 LBRBF115SLLL10025688182784
Roast Beef Flat 25% Medium Rare25%2/6-9 LBRBF125MRLL90025688183114
Roast Beef Flat 29% Medium29%2/6-9 LBRBF129MLL90025688186795
USDA ChoiceLondon Broil Top Round Roast Beef 10% Medium Rare10%2/5-9 LBLBR110CMRLL90025688192086
Angus Smoked Pit Beef2/5-8 LBSPBF1ALL10025688194039
Sliced Natural Roast Beef Fluffed6/2 LBNRBR1SLFLL10025688191588

Deli Craft - Corned Beef

GradeDescription% AddedPack SizeLFI #GTIN
USDA SelectCorned Beef Brisket Cooked 15%15%2/9-13 LBCBB315SELL90025688100555
USDA SelectCorned Beef Eye Round 15%15%2/4-8 LBCBE315SELL90025688187891
USDA ChoiceCorned Beef Flat 10%10%2/6-9 LBCBF310CLL90025688189543
USDA SelectCorned Beef Flat 15%15%2/5-9 LBCBF315SELL90025688185958
USDA SelectSliced Corned Beef Flat 15%15%4/2.5 LBCBF315SLLL10025688182807

Deli Craft - Pastrami

GradeDescription% AddedPack SizeLFI #GTIN
USDA SelectPastrami Brisket 15%15%2/9-13 LBPBR215SELL90025688186825
USDA SelectPastrami Eye Round 15%15%2/4-8 LBPER215SELL90025688189697
USDA ChoiceSliced Pastrami Flat Fluffed6/2 LBPFF200SLFLL10025688189417
USDA ChoicePastrami Flat 10%10%2/6-9 LBPFF210CLL90025688189550
USDA SelectSliced Pastrami Flat 15% Fluffed15%6/4 LBPFF215RSLF4L90025688193106
USDA SelectPastrami Flat 15%15%2/5-9 LBPFF215SELL90025688185941
USDA SelectSliced Pastrami Flat 15%15%6/2 LBPFF215SL2LL10025688183965
USDA SelectSliced Pastrami Flat 15% Fluffed15%6/2 LBPFF215SLFLL10025688191786
USDA SelectSliced Pastrami Flat 15%15%4/2.5 LBPFF215SLLL10025688182791
Pastrami Flat 29%29%2/6-9 LBPFF229LL90025688186764
Black Pastrami Navel 10%10%4/4-7 LBPNV210BLL90025688190723
Sliced Black Pastrami Navel 10%10%4/2.5 LBPNV210BSLLL10025688193827
Red Pastrami Navel 10%10%4/4-7 LBPNV210RLL90025688189017
Sliced Red Pastrami Navel 10%10%8/2.5 LBPNV210RSL8LL90025688193496
Sliced Red Pastrami Navel 10%10%4/2.5 LBPNV210RSLLL10025688189134

Deli Craft - Ham

DescriptionPack SizeLFI #GTIN
Diced Smoked Ham Frozen4/2.5 LBDSH850ZLL10025688190390
Sliced Black Forest Ham Water Added12/12 OZHBF850SL12LL10025688192790
Sliced Black Forest Ham Water Added6/2 LBHBF850SL2LL10025688193957
Sliced Black Forest Ham Water Added4/2.5 LBHBF850SLLL10025688184443
Black Forest Ham2/5.5-7.5 LBHBFD856LL90025688184227
Sliced Honey Ham4/2.5 LBHHN840SLLL10025688194046
Sliced Honey Ham4/2.5 LBHHN850SLLL10025688189745
Smoked Mini Pit Ham2/6-8 LB AVEHPITM850LL90025688192963
Sliced Smoked Ham12/12 OZSH850SL12LL10025688192776
Sliced Smoked Ham Fluffed6/2 LBSH850SLFLL10025688189431
Sliced Smoked Ham4/2.5 LBSH850SLLL90025688184241

Deli Craft - Turkey

DescriptionPack SizeLFI #GTIN
Homestyle Oven Roasted Turkey Breast2/5.5-7.5 LBHORTD940LL90025688193038
Sliced Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast4/2.5 LBMSTB940SLLL10025688186171
Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast Fluffed6/2 LBNSTB9RSLFLL10025688191113
Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast12/12 OZSTB940SL12LL10025688192769
Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast4/2.5 LBSTB940SLLL10025688180087
Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast12/1 LBTRK940SL12LL10025688192752
Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast4/2.5 LBTRK940SLLL10025688183026
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast2/5.5-7.5 LBTRKD940LL90025688192314
Smoked Turkey Breast Skin On With Spices3/3-6 LBSTBSK900LL90025688193410
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Skin On With Spices3/3-6 LBTBSK900LL90025688193403
Cajun Turkey Breast Skin On Cajun Style3/3-6 LBCTBSK900LL90025688193397
Cubed Oven Roasted Turkey Breast2/5 LBCTRK940LL90025688755298
Cubed Oven Roasted Turkey Breast4/2.5 LBCTRK94025LL10025688755339