Slow Roasting assures the tender texture and rich flavors which our customers expect. Rare items are slowly roasted to maintain rare appearance while assuring they are fully cooked for food safety. All our specialty meat items are crafted with care using wholesome ingredients, natural hardwood smoking on smoked items, in order to deliver a memorable taste experience each time you carve one of these juicy meats for your customers.

Minimum order quantities, and seasonal availability apply to all our products. Call for more information.

Carver's Craft - Pot Roast

GradeDescription% AddedPack SizeProduct CodeU.P.C.
USDA SelectBeef Chuck Pot Roast 20%20%2/8-11 LBPOT120CLL90025688104102
Beef Chuck Pot Roast 20%20%3/4-6 LB                   
USDA SelectPot Roast Shoulder Clod 2/Pk20%2/9-12 LBPOT120SLL90025688181493
USDA ChoiceBeef Pot Roast Low Sodium Choice2/9-12 LBPOT1SLSCLL90025688181493
Beef For Shredding30%6/5 LB POTSW130LL

Carver's Craft - Prime Rib

GradeDescription% AddedPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
USDA ChoicePrime Rib 3Rd`S 10% Choice10%3/3-4.5 LBNPR110C3LL90025688190891
USDA ChoicePrime Rib 10% Choice Ups10%2/15-19 LBNPR110CULL90025688100708
Prime Rib 10% Choice Ups10%3/3-4.5 LBNPR110CULL90025688188669
USDA SelectPrime Rib 10% Select10%2/11-15 LBNPR110SELL90025688189376
Prime Rib 15%15%2/11-15 LBNPR115LL90025688187495

Carver's Craft - StripLoin

GradeDescription% AddedPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
USDA ChoiceFully Cooked Striploin Choice Rare2/9-14 LBNYS1CLL90025688184104

Carver's Craft - Pit Master Favorites

GradeDescriptionPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Beef Short Ribs2/5-7 LBBSR1LL90025688185316
Grilled Chicken Breast Bulk Pack6/4-5 LBGCB900LL90025688185033
Braised Kalua Pork Shoulder Whole2/8-10 LBKBPS800LL90025688191690
Slow Cooked Roast Beef2/7-11 LBSCRBF105LL90025688103259
USDA SelectTenderloin Carving Roast Very Rare Rare4/3-4 LBTCR100SEZLL90025688186597
Cooked Ground Beef Crumbles4/5 LB GBC100LSLL90025688181295

Carver's Craft - Corned Beef

GradeDescription% AddedPack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
USDA ChoiceRaw Corned Beef Brisket 20% W/Spices20%2/13-17 LBRCBB320CLSLL90025688186214
USDA SelectRaw Corned Beef Brisket 30% USDA Select30%2/14-18 LBRCBB330SELL90025688190969
USDA SelectRaw Corned Beef Brisket 40%40%2/14-18 LBRCBB340LL90025688188751
USDA SelectRaw Corned Beef Brisket 40% W/Spices40%2/14-18 LBRCBB340SLSLL90025688189734
USDA SelectRaw Corned Beef Flat 20% W/Spices20%1/15-19 LBRCBF320LSLL90025688189727
USDA SelectCooked Corned Beef Brisket 40%40%2/12-15 LBCBB340JLL90025688188652
USDA SelectCorned Beef Brisket Fork Tender2/11-13 LBCBB3FTLL90025688183084
Corned Beef Hash4/5 LBCBH300LL90025688182889