We have expanded our Carne Azteca menu items. Seasoned beef taco meat fully cooked is a favorite. All varieties of shredded meats are available. Shredded Beef , shredded chicken breast, pulled pork, shredded pork carnitas, and street taco cut beef also available.
DescriptionCook DegreePack/SizeLFI Code #GTIN
Beef Taco Filling- Fully Cooked and SeasonedWell4/5 lbsTACO115CA90025688185255
Beef Taco Filling- Fully Cooked and SeasonedWell4/2.5 lbsTACO1152510025688185297
Shredded Chicken - Lightly SeasonedWell, Tender4/5 lbsSHCB900CA90025688185606
Shredded Beef - Oven Roasted, Lightly Seasoned, Packed In JuicesWell, Tender4/5 lbsSHB100JCA90025688185576
Shredded Pork - Oven Roasted, Lightly SeasonedWell, Tender2/5 lbsSHP800CA10025688190192
Shredded Pork - Oven Roasted, Lightly Seasoned, DryWell, Tender4/2.5 lbsSHP825DCA90025688187013
Fajita Steak - Fire Grilled Beef, Packed in JuicesMedium Rare2/5 lbsCAS1SLCA10025688186355
Flame Seared Steak, Street Taco Cut - Lightly SeasonedMedium Rare4/2.5 lbsCAS1STCA10025688190112
Pork Carnitas, Packed in JuicesWell, Tender2/5 lbs aveCAR810CA00025688103072