Double L Ranch slices all varieties of deli meats including CAB deli meats for both retail, including roast beef, corned beef, pastrami items, sliced turkey, and sliced ham. These are packaged in a convenient peel and reseal container that helps preserve freshness, stands out on store shelves and prompts repeat purchases. Contact us for more information.

Minimum order quantities, and seasonal availability apply to all our products. Call for more information.

CAB Natural Sliced 6 oz. Packages

DescriptionLFI #GTIN
Natural Roast Beef - Top Round C/ONRB1CABSL610025688190055
Hardwood Smoked - Natural Uncured PastramiNPF2CABSL610025688190062
Open Oven Roasted - Natural Uncured Corned BeefNCF3CABSL610025688190086

Double L Natural Sliced 6 oz. Packages

DescriptionLFI #GTIN
Natural Uncured Smoked HamNHH8SL6LL10025688190093
Open Oven Roasted - Natural Turkey BreastNTB9SL6LL10025688190109

Double L Sliced 8 oz. Packages

DescriptionLFI #GTIN
Roast Beef - Oven Roasted - 15%RBF115SL8LL10025688190451
Pastrami - Bottom Round Hardwood Smoked - 15%PFF215SL8LL10025688190468
Corned Beef - Open Oven Roasted Bottom Round - 15%CBF315SL8LL10025688190475
Turkey Breast - Open Oven RoastedTRK940SL8LL10025688190482
Turkey Breast - Naturally Hardwood SmokedSTB940SL8LL10025688190499
Honey Ham - Naturally Hardwood Smoked - Water AddedHHN850SL8LL10025688190505
Smoked Ham - Naturally Hardwood Smoked - Water AddedSH850SL8LL10025688190529
Black Forest Ham - Naturally Hardwood Smoked - Water AddedHBF850SL8LL10025688190512