Certified Angus Beef Brand

Lower Foods is proud to be a producer of Certified Angus Beef Brandâ„¢ products. We offer a full line of value added items that includes Prime Rib, Pot Roast, Corned Beef, pickled corned beef and a full line of CAB deli slicing meats and pre-sliced CAB deli meats.
DescriptionPack/sizeLFI CODE #GTIN
Roast Beef Top Round - Medium Rare2/5-8 lbsCTR1CAB00025688180837
Roast Beef Sliced Top Round - Medium Rare6/2 lbsCTR1CABSL10025688188632
Roast Beef Bottom Round - Medium Rare2/5-8 lbsRBF1CAB00025688181124
Roast Beef Sliced Bottom Round - Medium Rare2/6 lbsRBF1CABSL00025688181148
Natural Roast Beef - Rare2/5-8 lbsNRB1CAB90025688189451
Corned Beef Bottom Round2/5-8 lbsCBF3CAB00025688180851
Corned Beef Bottom Round - Sliced6/2.5 lbsCBF3CABSL00025688181155
Corned Beef Brisket2/8-12 lbsCBB3CAB90025688187938
Natural Uncured Corned Beef2/4-7 lbsNCF3CAB90025688189475
Pastrami Bottom Round - Naturally Hardwood Smoked2/5-8 lbsPFF2CAB00025688180844
Pastrami Bottom Round - Sliced - Naturally Hardwood Smoked6/2.5 lbsPFF2CABSL00025688181162
Pastrami Brisket - Naturally Hardwood Smoked2/8-12 lbsPBR2CAB90025688187945
Natural Uncured Pastrami - Naturally Hardwood Smoked Bottom Round 2/4-7 lbsNPF2CAB90025688189482
Flame Seared Tri Tip - Medium Rare4/2-3 lbsGTRI1CAB90025688186887
Natural Tri Tip - Rare - Naturally Hardwood Smoked4/2-3 lbsNGTRI1CAB90025688189499
Beef Brisket Whole - Naturally Hardwood Smoked1/7-10 lbsSBB1CAB90025688186863
Beef Brisket Sliced - Naturally Hardwood Smoked2/5 lbsSBB1CABSL90025688186870
Beef Split Brisket - Half - Naturally Hardwood Smoked6/1.5-2.5 lbsSBBS1CABF90025688189857
Natural Beef Brisket - Naturally Hardwood Smoked1/5-9 lbsNSBB1CAB90025688189505
Pot Roast Shoulder Clod - Cooked Fork Tender, Packed in Juices 1/8-10 lbsPOTSCAB00025688180875
Beef Prime Rib - Very Rare3/3-4.5 lbsBRR1CAB390025688181080
Beef Prime Rib - Very Rare2/13 lbs & upBRR1CABU00025688181117
Raw Corned Beef Brisket with Loose Spices, Cook in Bag2/12-18 lbsRCBB3CAB00025688180868
Beef Chuck Short Ribs - Fire Braised - Well, Fork Tender2/5-7 lbsBSR1CAB90025688184319
Fire Braised London Broil Flank Steak - Medium Rare4/2-3 lbsLBRF1CAB90025688186894